Tony Pesklevits

Tony is Anneke’s dad and Lisa’s husband, and lives in Smithers, BC.

Tony joined the BC public service in 2007, where he has worked as a land use planner, negotiator, and regional director responsible for the provincial fish and wildlife, species at risk, cumulative effects assessment, geomatics and research programs for the northwest third of BC. Most of his work has involved breaking trail in front of policy, helping build practical on-the-ground strategies with Indigenous communities, stakeholders, industry and governments, to transform natural resource conflicts. In 2017, Tony took on the role of director of a policy secretariat supporting executive committees across BC’s natural resource ministries, driving alignment across major policy initiatives.

Tony has a graduate degree in forest ecology and complex systems theory from Dalhousie University, and is a recipient of the BC Emerging Leader Premier’s Award and a member of the Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference. He’s passionate about wicked problems, strategic foresight, building up future leaders and making sawdust. He is currently a Strategic Advisor with the BC Wildfire Service, where he is helping build an organization and a policy framework that is ready to adapt to disruption.

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