Smoke Forum

Interested in smoke? The National Wildland Fire Smoke forum is now a new theme at our conference Wildland Fire Canada 2019. This year, we partnered with the smoke forum combining our two great events. Wildland Fire Smoke is now our fifth conference theme. Please focus papers and poster submissions on strategies and tools to assess or manage wildland fire smoke.  Specifically, the impact it has on firefighters, emergency personnel, people and communities.  The types of impacts include:

  • Science
  • Health
  • Modelling
  • Communications

Why is smoke now a theme at our conference? In 2014, the National Smoke Forum held a one-day workshop immediately following the Wildland Fire Canada conference in Halifax. Similarly, in 2016, co-location occurred in Kelowna. Both smoke forum events were well attended and considered by most to be valuable and successful.

To continue supporting the smoke forum, this year it has been incorporated into a theme of the overall Wildland Fire Canada 2019 conference. With New Paths, New Partnerships encouraging cooperation within the wildland fire community, this merger supports our goal moving forward into the future. We are optimistic the partnership will contribute to the continuing success of both events.

Remember to visit the Wildland Fire Smoke forum this November 18th to 21st in Ottawa, Ontario. We look forward to seeing you there!

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