Our Organizing Committee

Conference Organizing Committee

Conference Co-chairs:

  • Mike Wotton, Canadian Forest Service and University of Toronto
  • Bill Cole, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

Program Chair

  • Jennifer Beverly, University of Alberta

Program Theme Leaders:

  • Plenary Lead:
    • Maria Sharpe, Fire Science and Information Manager, CIFFC
  • Co-Leads Theme Topic 1: Collaborative Strategies and Shared Learning:
    • Phil Reid, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
    • Morgan Oikle, Fire Science Officer, Nova Scotia Lands and Forestry
  • Co-Leads Theme Topic 2: Implementing Success
    • Neal McLoughlin, Wildfire Management Unit Lead, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
    • Colin McFayden, Forest Fire Science Specialist, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
  • Co-Leads – Theme Topic 3: Fire Processes and Complexity
    • Sylvie Gauthier, Research Scientist, Canadian Forest Service
    • Lori Daniels, Professor, University of British Columbia
  • Co-Leads – Theme Topic 4: Living and Working with Fire:
    • Sonja Leverkus, Ecosystem Scientist and AFE Certified Wildland Fire Practitioner, Shifting Mosaics Consulting
    • Kelly Johnston, FireSmart Technical Advisor, Partners in Protection Association/FireSmart Canada
  • Lead – Partner Theme topic: Wildland Fire Smoke:
    • Ginny Marshall, Wildfire Analyst, Canadian Forest Service

Sponsor Liaison

  • Bill Cole, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
    Phone: 705-945-5770
    Mobile: 705-971-4600

Vendor Liaison

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